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Telemental Health Services

Telemental Health services are provided by a HIPAA compliant video platform (  Telemental health—delivering mental health care remotely, and sometimes over great distances—is making it possible to bring life-changing services to populations who previously may have lacked access to them. Mental Health Practitioners are interacting with clients through a wide range of technological tools including apps, videoconferencing, text messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, blogs, and websites.  Access your Clinician's virtual office below.

Remember, although convenience is key when utilizing Telemental Health, we have to be transparent and remind you of possible concerns when working with telemental health practices.  When using telemental health platforms, remember that (a) internet connection can be lost at anytime which can interrupt a session, (b) even with HIPAA compliant mediums, hackers continue to work hard to find ways around even the most secure platforms, and (c) you may not be able to guarantee if someone in your space is allowing you the privacy to participate in a telemental health session (may be beneficial to wear headphones).

Granville T. Freeman III, LPC, CPCS, BC-TMH
Eutoka Quillings-Bland, MA, NCC, APC, BC-TMH, CCTP
Nicole Osti, MSW, LMSW, CCTP, RBT
Lorraine Cummings, CMHC-Intern, S/T
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